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Why Choose a Professional Window & Door Installer Over Home Depot

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  1. Windows Installation from Home Depot
  2. Knowledge and Experience
  3. Warranties and Financing
  4. Custom-Made Windows and No Go-Between
  5. Direct Communication
  6. Professional Installers Are Better Options

Windows and doors are an investment, and you must make the right choice for your home. Elk Grove Village homeowners on the market for new windows or doors will come to a crossroads when choosing between Home Depot or a professional window and door installer

It is tempting to pick the most cost-effective route, but that can be a more expensive option later. Opal Enterprises is a local windows and doors installer in Elk Grove Village.

Windows Installation from Home Depot

Home Depot is a big box store that offers various sales and discounts on their windows and doors, which make it attractive for homeowners to choose their services. However, you must consider more than just the price for your Naperville home exterior renovation project. 

Regarding stock options, Home Depot has many, but they only have standard window and door sizes. If you have a custom window size, they cannot help. The company offers various installation options. You can do the project yourself, hire the Home Depot installation team or find a private contractor. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Knowledge and Experience

Hiring a professional window and door installer in Elk Grove Village has many benefits. Big box retailers have few window options, and their teams are not knowledgeable about what is best for your home. You need someone to assess your home and determine which window features work best. 

Since we have decades of experience with window and door installation in the area, we know what is best suited for every home. We can offer windows that address insulation and energy or other unique benefits. 

Warranties and Financing

Home Depot has limited warranty options when they sell homeowners’ windows or doors. However, when you work with a professional installer, we can offer you product and service warranties. 

Opal offers a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship. When it comes to manufacturing, warranties will vary. Having two warranty options is better than one. If money is a concern, you can work with our team to find financing options that work for you. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Custom-Made Windows and No Go-Between

Big box stores like Home Depot can only offer standard-size products, but professional installers have more options. Your windows and doors are made to the exact specifications of your Elk Grove Village home.

 Standard products seem like a good idea until you realize they do not fit your home. With custom-made windows, this is not a problem. Custom-made windows from Home Depot take longer, cost more and offer a lower quality product. 

Direct Communication

Home Depot cannot guarantee the feature of the product or its durability. They might not even have all of the product information. However, professional installers can because they work directly with the manufacturer. You benefit from getting the correct information and manufacturer guarantees. 

Professional Installers Are Better Options

Hiring a professional installer is better for your windows and door installation than Home Depot or other big box retailers. Opal Enterprises is an Elk Grove Village installer. You can view our products and get more information by visiting our showroom.