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Who to Call When You Need Parts for Your Doors and Windows

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  1. Parts You Might Need
  2. Find the Manufacturer's Name
  3. Find the Identification Code
  4. Contact the Manufacturer Directly
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Many Chicagoland homeowners see something broken or damaged with their doors or windows and shop for parts. Opal often gets homeowners looking for specific parts for manufacturers we do not work with. 

If you are looking for parts or assistance with your windows or doors, you should first determine who the manufacturer is or who installed them. Once you know one or both factors, you can contact the manufacturer or installer for options. If Opal installed your windows or doors before, we can help now.

Parts You Might Need

Some of the parts that homeowners are looking to replace or upgrade include frames, screens, and hardware. They seem like minor fixes to homeowners but require skill and knowledge about the specific product. 

You cannot mix and match hardware from different manufacturers because that can lead to additional damage to the home. When looking for the brand of the window, there are some telltale signs you can look for. 

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Find the Manufacturer’s Name

When identifying a window, the best way to find your glass type is by looking for the manufacturer itself. You can find their name on the sash, locks, handles, or other hardware. Some companies stamp their names on the product, but others make it a little hard to find. 

Some companies refrain from putting their name anywhere on their product and instead use a string of letters that homeowners need help deciphering. 

Find the Identification Code

When you cannot find the manufacturer’s name, you can look for the identification code on the window instead. This code will have the date and manufacturer information which often comes in a string of letters and numbers, meaning nothing to the homeowner. 

You can find the code etched on the corner of the glass or in the spacer channel. After you find this code, you need someone to convert it into something comprehensible. 

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Contact the Manufacturer Directly

When you have the amateur’s information, you can contact them directly with questions regarding your windows or doors. If you have the original receipt or know the installer, that is another way to find this information. 

You can find manufacturer information online as well. When you contact the manufacturer or installer, you will need information about the widow and the parts you are looking for. 

Complete Service for Windows and Doors by Opal

Opal Enterprises offer complete services for windows and doors we have installed in the Chicagoland area. If you have a window or door that we have previously installed on your home and you need parts or services, we can help. Opal has relationships with the following manufacturers:

  • Kolbe 
  • ProVia Windows and Doors
  • Andersen Windows and Doors

If you have any issues with these windows and doors, we have solutions. Unfortunately, if your windows are made by another manufacturer, not on this list, we cannot help you. If the window or door manufacturer is not on our list, you must contact them directly for parts and warranty issues.  

Opal Enterprises Can Help

If you’re looking for a specific window or door part or a damaged part, you can contact us to review your options. We have showrooms in Naperville and Des Plaines for your convenience. Visit or call us today.