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What is Soffit Ventilation?

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If you’re in the market for a new roof, talk to your Opal to make sure they’re installing everything correctly. An experienced roofing company, such as Opal Enterprises will know that soffit vents are a vital part of any proper roof installation. If your roofing contractors don’t seem to think these are important, consider finding someone else to do your roofing job. This mini lesson on soffits will help you understand what they are and why they’re important.

Exactly What Is A Soffit Vent?

These soffits are small vents that are installed on the underside of a roofing overhang. The vents should be as large as the overhang, which means that they’re available in a number of different styles and sizes. Homeowners sometimes find that bees and other small pests can make a nest on the inside of the soffit vent. Opal Enterprises, and a pest specialist can usually help take care of this problem for homeowners.

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What Soffits Do…

Since soffit vents are small and typically located out of sight, many homeowners believe that they’re not important. That’s just not the case! Soffit vents allow air to enter an attic, which helps create air circulation. This air circulation helps prevent moisture from forming inside the attic and without it, the air can condense. This creates a breeding ground for mold and rotting wood. Mold can cause serious health concerns and it can be extremely expensive to remediate.   Another benefit of having properly installed soffits from your roofing contractors is that your home’s roof will remain healthy. Ice damming in the winter and heat damaged shingles in the summer can be caused by non-existent or incorrectly installed soffits. Make sure your roofing system has these important vents and you can extend the lifetime of your roofing system.

How A Roofing Company Can Help Ensure Your Soffits Are Correctly Installed

If you have moisture problems inside your attic, but you have soffits installed, consider calling a roofing company such as Opal Enterprises, to inspect them. They’ll be able to inspect your roofing, as well as your attic to see if there are any circulation problems. If the soffits are allowing in air, the solution might be as simple as moving some insulation around or adding a fan so that the air can circulate throughout the attic. If the insulation is causing the problem, you might need to have a baffle or two added. These small pieces of plastic simply hold the insulation out of the way of the air’s path and it is an easy solution for roofing contractors. Soffit vents are small, but they’re necessary to make sure your roofing system isn’t vulnerable to ice dams or shingle damage. If you think your house might be missing these vents, call Opal Enterprises at (630) 355-6557, so we can check to make sure you have them!