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  1. Is a Showroom Important? 
  2. A Hands-On Approach 
  3. Competitors Send Clients to Us
  4. Opal Enterprises Has Two Showrooms 

When remodeling your Itasca, IL, area home, you will need to choose different materials. While a brochure offers a basis for what to expect, there is nothing like seeing the materials in front of you. 

You may not know what they look or feel like. The first part of remodeling your home is finding a contractor or a remodeling company to work with. Once you find Opal Enterprises, you get to start the fun part of choosing how your home will look. 

Instead of one showroom, we have two for the convenience of all our customers. We also have a range of products to choose from, including windows, siding, and doors. They are all at your fingertips! 

Is a Showroom Important? 

There are several reasons why a showroom is essential. While pictures can give you a visual representation of your home, there is nothing like seeing the materials in person. A picture only provides a baseline. 

When you visit a showroom, you can better understand how the design and style will fit your home. If you have questions about a specific window or siding material, you can ask one of our friendly associates. 

Questions? Call 847-380-8868 in Des Plaines and 888-676-6725 in Naperville

A Hands-On Approach 

Our showrooms aim to demonstrate what a homeowner is buying. Instead of snippets, you will see full-size samples. If you are looking at siding, you will be able to interact with the entire siding walls along with trim examples. 

When it comes to windows, you get more than a corner cut. Instead, you will see fully installed windows that you can see from either side. They are fully operational and come in a range of colors. There are also hardware options and finishes for you to choose from. 

Competitors Send Clients to Us

Want to know a secret? Contractors in the area who do not have the means or dedication to invest in a showroom will refer their customers to our showrooms. Many contractors operate from home or small offices and have not invested the time or resources into a full showroom as Opal Enterprises has. 

When a homeowner has a question or wants hands-on experience with the chosen material, the contractor does not know what to do. They send them to an Opal Enterprise location near Itasca to check out their options. 

Learn more about our top-of-the-line products in Naperville 888-676-6725

Opal Enterprises Has Two Showrooms 

Opal Enterprises has gone the extra mile to create two vast shrooms in the Des Plaines and Naperville areas for your convenience. Our Naperville location serves the West and Southwest Chicagoland suburbs, while our Des Plaines location serves the North and Northwest Chicagoland suburbs. 

Feel free to touch the windows, doors, and siding. You never have to worry about pushy salespeople as we give our visitors the space to walk around without worrying about making a purchase or the sales process. Our goal is for you to understand the materials available to you. 

Our showroom staff is kind, educated, and willing to answer all your questions without pressuring you. Contact Opal Enterprises to get directions to our showrooms today.