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  1. Determining Who Is Responsible For Getting Building Permission
  2. Errors Can Happen, ?on't Let Your Permit Expire
  3. Ethical Considerations When Building
  4. Registered and Authorized Everywhere We Work
  5. Factors Affecting Permit Costs in Palos Park
  6. We'll Handle Getting Building Permission, Get Started Today

Building permits keep the community safe. Whenever you undertake a construction project in your home, permits are required to inform the local municipality that the work will be performed according to building codes and regulations.

At Opal Enterprises, our Palos Park exterior remodeling professionals pull all necessary permits. You can visit our Naperville showroom to see examples of our work.

Determining Who Is Responsible For Getting Building Permission

In Palos Park, the responsibility for pulling construction permits for exterior remodeling projects typically falls on the contractor, not the homeowner. The Village of Palos Park requires authorization for most residential construction work, including additions, decks, siding replacements, roofing projects, and other exterior modifications. According to the Palos Park building department, contractors are expected to obtain the proper permits before work begins on a project.

As professionals with the proper licenses, our team doing work in Palos Park is familiar with the village’s permitting requirements, whether it be for replacement windows or siding. We are responsible for ensuring projects meet building codes and regulations. The village places the responsibility on contractors to apply for and secure permission from the building department, pay any associated fees, and schedule required inspections.

However, homeowners still play a role in the permit process. Even if the contractor pulls permits, homeowners should confirm with the village and the contractor that all authorization is granted. As a homeowner, you also need to grant access to the contractor and village inspectors.

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Errors Can Happen, вon’t Let Your Permit Expire

Some contractors will convince the homeowner to get authorization and have all the information in their name. This is a grave mistake that can lead to more problems.

The contractor should pull permits because there are many different types. Municipalities have specific parameters for various projects, and they all have time limits. According to Palos Park Code of Ordinances § 1444.00, if you obtain authorization and the work isn’t started within six months of its issue or the project isn’t complete within one year, it will expire.

After it expires, you will have to renew it. But when you work with our team, you never have to worry about permit expiration. Once we confirm that we have the necessary permits, we get right to work.

Ethical Considerations When Building

Any construction project, large or small, comes with ethical responsibilities. Whether acting as the general contractor or a subcontractor, following all applicable regulations and best practices is important to protect clients and the community.

Proper permitting is a baseline ethical requirement. Every contractor has their process for pulling the necessary permits before beginning a project.

However, the most transparent and responsible route is for the licensed business doing the work to be the party that obtains authorization. Legitimate contractors and tradespeople take this approach because they want full accountability and don’t want someone else’s name on their work in case any issues arise.

It’s also unethical to undertake work in a municipality that doesn’t allow certain activities without the required licensing or permitting. While some homeowners can perform small jobs themselves after obtaining permits, other areas only permit licensed contractors for commercial or structural construction. Operating outside of these legal parameters poses risks.

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Registered and Authorized Everywhere We Work

We are registered and authorized to pull permits and perform work everywhere we work. There are some key disadvantages to having a homeowner handle this, such as:

  • You may be unfamiliar with permitting processes and requirements, leading to mistakes that invalidate permission.
  • Important deadlines like expiration dates are more likely to be missed by you, resulting in fines or needing to redo the process.
  • Coordinating multiple related permits and scheduling inspections is challenging without permitting experience.
  • You may provide incorrect property details or inaccurate project scopes on applications.
  • Licenses and insurance policies may not be valid if you act as a general contractor rather than properly hiring one.
  • Responsibility for code compliance and safety falls entirely on you rather than the contractor.
  • Errors can cause costly delays, partial redo work, or disputes over who is liable for issues caught in inspections.

Additionally, whoever’s name is on the building permit is responsible for the quality of work and any injuries that arise on the site. The builder can also hire and work with unlicensed companies and have an incomplete or inadequate project.

You cannot do anything about it because you are responsible for all the work on the property. Whereas when you work with our Palos Park exterior remodeling professionals, we carry general liability, workers’ compensation, and employers’ liability, so you don’t have to worry about paying for any injuries or damage.

Factors Affecting Permit Costs in Palos Park

When undertaking a construction project that requires permits from the village of Palos Park, several factors will determine the fees homeowners need to budget for. The type of work being done plays a major role, as small cosmetic projects generally have lower fees than major additions or structural work. Renovations and repairs tend to be assessed at flat rates, while new construction or larger remodels are usually calculated as a percentage of total project costs.

The estimated size and scope of the job also affect pricing. Generally speaking, more extensive work involving larger areas, multiple trades, and complex systems correlates with higher permitting fees.

Additional specifications like plumbing fixtures, HVAC equipment, electrical systems, and other regulated components may incur separate per-item charges above the base rate. Property valuation could also be taken into account, as fees for the same work might vary depending on the assessed worth of the home.

Our firm aims to transparently charge the precise costs mandated by Palos Park so you understand what to budget for a given job. We comprehensively assess each project to accurately forecast permitting expenses.

We’ll Handle Getting Building Permission, Get Started Today

Anytime you are performing work on your Palos Park home, you should ensure the licensed contractor you’re working with pulls all required permits. If you have any questions on permits, you can call your local municipality to confirm.

When you work with Opal Enterprises, we pull every permit for every job and take responsibility for our work. Contact our team at our showroom to learn more about your construction project.