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Pulling Permits for a Project, does the Homeowner or Contractor Obtain?

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  1. Projects that Need Permits
  2. Errors Can Happen
  3. Ethical Contractors Pull Permits
  4. Registered and Authorized Everywhere We Work
  5. Fees for Permits
  6. Opal Pulls Every Permit

Permits keep the community safe. Whenever you have a construction project, you must have permits to inform the city and others that the work is being performed within the local municipality’s rules. 

Palos Park homeowners often work on construction projects that should have permits but do not. While the homeowner or contractor can pull permits, it is the contractor’s responsibility to make sure the permits are secured before working.

Projects that Need Permits

You must pull permits for hazardous jobs like replacing a hot water tank or installing a new circuit breaker. You don’t need permits for minor changes like changing your sink or light fixtures. When permits are pulled, a building inspector will review them. 

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Errors Can Happen

Some contractors will convince the homeowner to pull the permit and have all the information in their name. This is a grave mistake that can lead to more problems. 

The contractor should pull permits because you can obtain many different types of permits. Municipalities have specific parameters for various projects, and they all have time limits.

Ethical Contractors Pull Permits

Every contractor has their process for pulling permits before a project, but the most ethical route is for the business to pull the permit. Legitimate contractors and subcontractors take this route because they don’t want someone else’s name on their work. 

If the homeowner does the job themselves, they can also pull permits. However, some municipalities have ordinances that do not allow homeowners to perform construction work or pull permits independently. 

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Registered and Authorized Everywhere We Work

Opal is registered and authorized to pull permits and perform work everywhere we work. There are some key disadvantages to having a homeowner pull a permit. 

Additionally, whoever’s name is on the permit is responsible for the quality of work and any injuries that arise on the site. The builder can also hire and work with unlicensed companies and have an incomplete or inadequate project. The homeowner can do nothing about it because they are responsible for all work performed. 

Fees for Permits

Permit fees will vary by project type and municipality. Opal charges Palos Park homeowners the exact permit price for their project. We absorb the costs for registering and working in the specific city or town where the work is being performed. We also ensure we have bonds in every town or city. 

Opal Pulls Every Permit

Anytime you are performing work on your Palos Park home, you should ensure the licensed contractor you’re working with pulls all required permits. If you have any questions on permits, you can call your local municipality to confirm. 

When you work with Opal Enterprises, we pull every permit for every job and take responsibility for our work. Speak to our team at our showroom to learn more about your construction project.