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  1. Different Window Options 
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  3. Colors Options Galore 
  4. Windows Improve Your Home 
  5. Opal Enterprises Loves Windows 

Your windows let you see outside, provide light, and have energy-saving benefits. When you need a local Chicagoland contractor, your best choice is Opal Enterprises. We have two showrooms and 35% off all labor for window installation. 

Please confirm offers when you speak to an Opal team member. As a premier window company, we pride ourselves on quality products and exceptional customer service. The Opal experience is like no other in Downers Grove and the surrounding areas. 

Different Window Options 

Windows now are very different than they once were. You currently have the option to choose from fiberglass or composite windows. Fiberglass window options are ideal for homeowners who want energy efficiency and weather resistance. The material is stronger than vinyl, and they do not warp, rust, or rot. 

Composite windows are made of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, which blocks thermal transfer. These windows are durable and practical and are some of Opal windows’ most popular options. 

Vinyl windows are exceptionally energy efficient and limit heat transfer, so your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These windows are a low-maintenance option because you will need to wipe them down occasionally. 

Wood-Interior windows are popular as well and are available for Downers Grove homeowners. They are made of aluminum cladding or composite cladding on the outside to resist harsh weather conditions, and you can customize the type and color of wood on the interior!

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Energy Efficient Windows

Your windows are vital to your home’s energy efficiency, and they can help you save exponentially on your monthly energy bills. Downers Grove experiences fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather, and you need adaptable windows. Address your concerns with an Opal Enterprises team member. 

Colors Options Galore 

Color options are available regardless of the color of your home or the aesthetic you aim for. You can choose from the manufacturer’s pre-made color options or opt for a custom color. You will want your windows to accentuate your home and not be an eyesore. If you’re unsure how your home will look, we can show you examples of similar homes. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Windows Improve Your Home 

New windows have many benefits, from energy efficiency to space opening. From the outside looking in, passersby will be impressed by your windows. While Downers Grove is a Chicagoland suburb, that doesn’t mean you are exempt from city noise. Windows also offer homeowners a way to keep out noise, weather, and bugs.
Opal has a lifetime labor warranty because we stand firmly behind our work and the products we offer. If your window ever has a problem, you can rest assured that Opal can help. 

Opal Enterprises Loves Windows 

Opal partners with top window manufacturers to bring you the best window options available in the Chicagoland area. We are preferred partners and take special training to install windows as the manufacturer intended. 

If you are a Downers Grove homeowner looking for new windows, visit our Naperville or Des Plaines showrooms. Opal also installs siding and doors so that you will have a seamless experience. 

Our knowledgeable sales consultants are ready to assist you with your home needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.