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Kolbe Forgent Windows: Where Are They Made?

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At Opal Enterprises, we provide the best of the best products for our clients and their home improvement needs. For example, when it comes to our clients looking for window replacements, we partner with a well-known American company called Kolbe to provide our clients with top-tier windows. 

Kolbe Windows & Doors is a prominent company that recently celebrated its 75th anniversary in business. 

All About Kolbe Forgent Windows

Ranked 59 on the FDMC 300 list of largest North American wood products producers, Kolbe has always been a company that prides itself on craftsmanship, quality, customization, and attention to detail. What began as a two-brother team between founders Herb and Ervin Kolbe transformed into an internationally known door and window manufacturer.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Kolbe’s Quality and Values

Since the company was founded in 1946, Kolbe Windows & Doors has always focused on seeking solutions for homeowners, architects, builders, and designers. To remain in business for over seven decades, companies have to continue to be innovative to provide customers with their changing needs. 

Instead of focusing on what is mainstream at the time, Kolbe has continued to push the limits of what is possible for home renovations while caring about the big picture and the smallest detail at the same time. Every door and window that Kolbe produces is personally crafted and built to order. 

One of the most popular window series produced by the company is the Kolbe Forgent Window.

The Kolbe Forgent Window

The Kolbe Forgent Window series is a series of windows that contain a Glastra material and a thoughtful design. This combination allows the windows to become easy, convenient, and simple to install. 

The addition of the Glastra exterior makes the windows strong and resilient against all weather conditions. These windows are also superior in preventing air and water infiltration for longer amounts of time and can increase energy efficiency.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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How Kolbe Forgent Windows Benefit a Home

Installing Kolbe Forgent Windows into a home would be an excellent investment for many homeowners. The energy efficiency of a home and the comfort of a house will be increased due to the combination of Glastra and wood interior options. 

In addition to the extra strength and impact-resistant performance, the Forgent window series comes in a variety of interior and exterior finishes that can help add to the appearance of a home.

Where Are Kolbe Forgent Windows Made?

Kolbe Forgent windows are produced in Wisconsin, where the company is located. However, our window contractors in Naperville and Des Plaines can help with installing your Kolbe Forgent windows. Our window contractors have extensive training and are certified to provide impeccable window replacement service.

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