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  1. What it means when James Hardie says a contractor is "Preferred"
  2. What it means when James Hardie says a contractor is "Elite Preferred"

James HardieWhen choosing a contractor to install James Hardie siding on your home, there are many pitches and perks to sift through. James Hardie helps you cut through the noise with their Contractor Alliance. There are 2 types of contractors in the alliance, Preferred, and Elite Preferred. Opal Enterprises is proud to have earned the status of Elite Preferred and we’d like to tell you what makes it, and us, special.

What it means when James Hardie says a contractor is “Preferred”

Preferred contractors consistently demonstrate high standards in quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

What it means when James Hardie says a contractor is “Elite Preferred”

In addition to consistently demonstrating the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction, Elite Preferred contractors specialize in the installation of a wide range of James Hardie product profiles and designs.

 – wall design tool.


Elite Preferred contractors are specialized in the full range of James Hardie exterior products! Planks, Panels, Shingles, or Trim, you can rest assured that an Elite Preferred contractor is well trained and experienced at the task at hand.


Opal has earned the badge of 100% Hardie! We can cover the outer walls of your home in 100% Hardie. James Hardie soffit, fascia, trim, crown moldings & more are all at your fingertips when you choose Elite Preferred.

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