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  1. The Opal Accreditations
  2. Decision Making
  3. Taking Responsibility
  4. Always Demanding High Quality 
  5. Keeping Agreements
  6. Handle All Aspects of the Job, Even the Unpleasant 
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Opal Enterprises is a renowned exterior contracting company that strives to streamline its sales to the production process. It is the main objective of Opal Enterprises to keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high. 

The best contracting enterprise is honest. Whenever a transaction occurs between the company and a customer, it is essential to build a solid relationship to demonstrate that trust exists. When this happens, companies experience repeat customers because they know the job will get done the right way. 

The Opal Accreditations

Opal Exteriors has received the following accreditations and awards over the years:

  • Big50 Award
  • Remodeling 550 Award
  • 13 years of Best Pick
  • James Hardie Elite Preferred Siding Contractor
  • James Hardie Presidential Award Winner 2019
  • GAF Master Elite Presidential Award
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified

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Decision Making

On the business side of the company, every day, we face making decisions that will affect the company in a good or bad way. Decisions will often need to be quick. One of the main differences between a good and lousy contractor is knowing and understanding what they are doing. 

Taking Responsibility

In any business, there isn’t anything that a company is not responsible for. Because at the end of the day, that company and its employees’ actions matter. Opal Enterprises understands and enforces the importance of taking full responsibility for its actions. 

What makes Opal Enterprises so successful is their ability to take a cause viewpoint instead of the effect. When a company decides it is not responsible for a part of the business, they essentially decide that they have no control over that part of the company. 

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Always Demanding High Quality 

Another aspect that contributes to Opal Enterprise’s accreditations is how they implement the mindset of “Whatever you do, make sure to do it right.” It is never acceptable to do a halfway job on anything as a contractor. 

Opal makes itself a better contracting company by always being sure that whatever they do is with high standards. It is best for a company to save itself and everyone else the trouble if they conclude that they cannot perform the job correctly.  

Keeping Agreements

Under this portion of Opal’s accreditations, staying true to its word is a serious part of the business. Any business will find that customers often take their business elsewhere because one company did not hold up their end of the bargain as they may insist. 

Customers hold firms with specific accountability for keeping their word. Once that is no longer the case, problems can ensue. Opal Enterprises employs people who have that commitment to their word. It contributes to the overall successful operations of the business.

Handle All Aspects of the Job, Even the Unpleasant 

Everyone knows how tempting it can be to ignore or put off whatever they may find distasteful. Opal Enterprises does not put off the bad. Instead, they handle them right then and there. Otherwise, this creates an unsuccessful and problematic atmosphere for everyone. 

Call Opal Enterprises for Your Darien Home

Opal Enterprises is your go-to for any home contracting project. Our testimonials and accreditations speak for themselves. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to begin your contracting project in Darien, IL. From there, one of our professionals will be in touch to discuss your options moving forward.