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Do Blinds Between the Glass Affect Energy Efficiencies in Windows and Doors?

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Pros of Blinds Between the Glass Cons of Blinds Between the Glass Window installation by Opal Enterprises

Blinds are stylistic choices that offer some protection from the sun, but they are also a pain. Depending on the mechanism, if you pull too hard on one side, you fight with the blinds and damage them. 

Cleaning blinds is also a chore, and getting all the dust can seem impossible. When you have pets or children, they can get curious and hurt themselves with the blinds. Window manufacturers have found an alternative to traditional blinds by offering glass blinds.

Pros of Blinds Between the Glass

Reduced Maintenance

Since the blinds are between the glass, dust buildup takes years. This drastically reduces your maintenance needs. Some homeowners report eliminating the need to clean or dust, with some saying they clean the blinds every two or three years. 

This is a good trade-off compared to cleaning your blinds every week or month. It also benefits those with allergies because dust and other allergens are not swirling around constantly. 

Less Risk of Breakage

Wear and tear happens everywhere, but it is significantly reduced when the blinds are between the glass. Blinds can become brittle or break from homeowners opening, closing, and constantly cleaning them. 

This wear and tear lead to homeowners replacing their blinds every few years. Internal blinds have longer lifespans and bring warranties. Some interior blinds can last a decade. 


Toddlers and pets are safer when you have internal blinds. Integral blinds have no cords, and the parents or adults are responsible for operating them. 

Strangulation from the cords is common in Villa Park homes with toddlers and children. Pets are also safe from strangulation or choking on pieces of brittle blinds. 


There is nothing better than simplification and convenience around the home. There are motorized and magnetic versions that can help you avoid manual operation. Internal blinds are also easier because they do not take up space or get in the way. 

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Cons of Blinds Between the Glass


New windows with built-in blinds are more costly than traditional windows and blinds. These are specialty products requiring more expensive materials and special installation instructions. 

Design Options

You don’t have color, material, or styles to choose from. These specialty blinds are made as one size fits all, and your aesthetic choices might not fit. Limited design choices will impact the rest of the space. 

Lower Energy Efficiency

Unfortunately, when you choose between the glass blinds, it replaces the seal between double pane windows. That lowers the window’s U-Factor. An alternative is to find windows with triple panes to get the insulated glass and the between-the-glass blinds.

 However, the triple pane can be more expensive, so you should consider all factors when choosing your blinds. 

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If you opt for built-in blinds, they sit between two panes of glass, and you operate them using a remote control. 

After considering the pros and cons of the glass blinds, decide if they are right for you, and then visit Opal Enterprises. We have a showroom in Naperville for Villa Park homeowners’ convenience.