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Can You Buy Windows and Doors Retail from a Window & Door Installer?

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We Offer Custom Windows Retail Windows Are for Big Box Stores Free Consultations and Evaluation of Your Window Needs Product Warranties Windows Are an Installation Service from Opal Enterprises

Homeowners in Palatine remodeling their homes will start by calling and getting quotes. Sometimes homeowners want to purchase windows at retail and wonder if window and door installers have them in stock. 

New windows are an installed service, so window and door installers do not have standard-size windows and doors available. Your best bet is a big box store if you are looking for standard windows and doors. Opal Enterprises offers many services, including window and door installation.

We Offer Custom Windows

Professional windows and doors installers offer custom window options. Our windows are made after we assess the property and the window installation needs. 

Every window and door is custom fit to your home and choices. When you sit in our showroom, we will review all available options and combine them with your measurements and installation specifications. 

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Retail Windows Are for Big Box Stores

Windows you find in big box stores come in limited sizes and styles. You might have a challenging time finding the right size for your home. Some big box retailers will offer customs window services, but you will have to wait much longer to receive the windows and find an installer to help you. 

The big box store acts as a middle man which you can eliminate when you work with a local installer. Working with a middleman increases prices, reduces the quality of products, and is full of miscommunication. These pitfalls can ruin your window or door installation. 

Free Consultations and Evaluation of Your Window Needs

Big box stores do not require superior knowledge for their employees. They have basic training and only know what they can sell and not much else. You get superior knowledge and communication when you work with a door and window installer. Window and door installers can educate you on what you need for your home, such as Low-E glass, vinyl, double and triple pane options, material options, etc. 

Opal has free consultations and will send a team to evaluate your window needs before offering an estimate. We also have certifications to work with and install the selected products. Working with window and door manufacturers, we can also offer you fair pricing for high-quality products. We will assess and discuss the best option for your windows and door installation so Palatine homeowners understand what they get from us. 

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Product Warranties

Another benefit of working with window and door installers is financing and warranties. Working closely with manufacturers, we can offer product and workmanship warranties. 

Opal has a lifetime labor warranty available to our clients. You have direct contact for your questions and concerns when something breaks or seems amiss with your product. 

Windows Are an Installation Service from Opal Enterprises

Opal Enterprise does not sell windows at retail but as an installation service, as most professional window and door installers do. 

We will review your needs, and you can browse our showroom to see the options you have available for your Palatine home. Visit our showroom to learn about custom windows and doors and Opal Enterprises’ installation services.