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Opal Enterprises offers a 5-year worksmanship warranty! In addition, we offer various support services to our valued homeowners after a renovation project. If you have an issue with your home and have received an Opal renovation in the past, then we encourage you to contact us! We stand behind our installers!

Please Note:

Small Projects/Repair Work: Our fee for coming out, setting up ladders and diagnosing the concern you are reporting on your home is $150. We will provide you a quote for the work being requested, if you choose Opal as your contractor, the $150 is credited towards the cost of the work. 

Customers Requesting Warranty Work: A $100 per hour Labor/Diagnostic Charge will Apply on All NON-Warranty Calls. If we diagnose the issue you are reporting to NOT be related to our labor and work, there will be a fee for our diagnosis and solution. 

Simply meaning that we are happy to come out and diagnose an issue, but if it is not related to our labor on the project, we have to charge for our time to come out. 

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Fill out this form to request warranty service or other service related to a previous renovation by Opal Enterprises. We're here to help!
  • Please Note: Evaluation and service fees may apply. $100 per hour if the work is not related to our labor. Small Jobs and Repair Quotes have a fee of $150 which is credited back if you choose Opal for the project.
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