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When undertaking window replacement projects, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to gravitate toward windows outside their target budget. It’s perfectly understandable. Often, homeowners are unaware of all the different types of windows out there, to say nothing of the number of attractive features and options available.

The good news for local homeowners is that there is a Wheaton, IL, window installer with the knowledge and experience to help you select the most cost-efficient windows for your needs without compromising aesthetics. That company is Opal Enterprises, winner of Remodeling Magazine’s BIG 50 Contractor award, along with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Replacement Windows and Window Installation

When you reach out to us for a home window replacement project in Wheaton, one of our window specialists will sit down with you to walk you through our extensive selection of home windows. We’ll sift through the variety of styles as well as the features and options to find windows that suit your design sensibility.

We’re a window contractor that has served the Wheaton community for years and now how much care and attention to detail goes into your home. Let us help you with a quality installation done right the first time.

Because we are committed to your low-risk, high-value home improvements, rest assured that you’ll come across several attractive options within your budget range. Engineered by trusted manufacturers Kolbe, ProVia®, and Andersen, our windows are designed to deliver reliable long-term performance in our region’s climate. We offer:

  • Wide selection of styles – Available in a wealth of styles, from the classic single-hung to the wide-opening casement
  • Choice of materials – Crafted with your preference of fiberglass, vinyl, wood, or composite frames
  • Energy efficiency – Multiple panes, low-E glass, and insulated frames to minimize heat transfer and potentially reduce your energy costs

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How do I Know When to Replace My Windows?

Troubleshooting your window issues and knowing when it is time to replace them is easier when you know the signs to look for. For example, one or more windows in your home may show the following symptoms that indicate a replacement is due.

Drafty Windows

Feeling a chilly breeze from your windows when they’re closed? Poor installation, faulty seals, and older windows installed over 15 years ago can really cause your HVAC system to work up a sweat. Replace those drafty windows to save money on the heating and cooling bill.

Condensation Buildup Between Window Glass Layers

Condensation on the inside of the window that can be wiped off is usually fine. If it is between the panes, though, get those windows looked at. The condensation inside the panes can lead to the growth of some nasty mold and uninvited greenery.

These seals are no longer doing their job and likely letting some weather into your home that will cost extra in power bills over time. The dampness can also cause damage to the frame that doesn’t  improve the situation.

Damaged Window Frames

If your window frames are soft, chipped or water damaged, they may be beyond repair. Windows may begin to sag and when showing signs of water damage and wood rot is likely to become an issue, if it has not already begun. Moldy window sills are a certain sign of soft wood or wood rot that indicates trouble, and the window needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Trouble With Opening and Closing Windows

If opening, closing and locking windows is always a struggle, they may have been installed incorrectly and are now having balance issues. They may also be showing signs of rusting or rot. These windows are sometimes a hassle to lock which presents a security problem in your home.

Burglars’ favorite tactics include breaking in through unlocked doors and windows especially if that area of the home is darkened or away from passersby. If home security is at risk because a window in your home offers easy accessibility to intruders, replace the window for your peace of mind and safety.

Noise from Outside

If you hear lots of noise outside, they may not be installed correctly or were poorly made. Newer windows that are double-paned glass and come with argon gas insulation between the panes can really make a difference in sound insulation for your home. If you are in a busy traffic area, this is a great solution for you.

Why Choose Opal Window Installation Services?

A lot can go wrong with window installation. While DIY window installs may be tempting, improperly fitted windows can cost a fortune in energy, even more to replace, and cause big headaches for homeowners.

Why take a risk on your most important asset? Get it done right the first time with professionally trained Wheaton window installers. Our window installation technicians receive continuing education, learning updated practices from major high-end window manufacturers in order to maintain the best install skills in the industry.

Skilled Window Installation Technicians With Guaranteed Results and Competitive Prices

Our team has the tools, experience, and expertise to do the job right, plus you’ll be backed by our lifetime labor warranty on all window installations. If you find a problem and it’s related to labor, just make a warranty request, and we’ll come check it out. Opal Enterprises offers a competitive lifetime workmanship warranty on every window we install.

For some companies, we act as a direct dealer with the factories, so we can get deep discounts on windows you may have thought were too expensive. Durable, beautiful windows are available to you in many price ranges. No matter what your preferences are, a window solution that you will love is available at Opal.

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Call Today for a Free Window Installation Consultation

As a window installer that wants you to be completely confident in our services, we back our Wheaton window replacement and installations with a lifetime workmanship warranty, and that’s in addition to our manufacturer’s strong product warranties. Contact Opal Enterprises for more information. We look forward to showing you why so many Chicagoland residents turn to us.

We have attractive financing options for homeowners, including one year same-as-cash financing. We want all homeowners in Wheaton to have the best window installers in the Chicagoland area. Give us a call, and you may be surprised how affordable it can be!