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  1. Pros of Awning Windows in Evanston, IL
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  3. Why Hire Our Awning Window Installers in Evanston, IL?
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Are you considering installing new windows in your home? Do you want to replace old windows in your house? If so, our awning window installation professionals in Evanston are here to help you.

Awning windows are beautiful and a great addition to your home. They are a fantastic option for people who want big beautiful windows that provide adequate ventilation. Because of how they look, they can be placed in various parts of the house. 

Examples include the basement, bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of the house. At Opal Enterprises, our Evanston windows installation professionals can help Install high-quality awning windows from reliable and reputable manufacturers in your home at a budget-friendly price. 

Pros of Awning Windows in Evanston, IL

Improves ventilation in the house

Awning windows are great for people who are looking to improve airflow and ventilation within their homes. These windows open outward, allowing for fresh air to flow in and out of the house. This makes them great for keeping the house well-ventilated and improving the indoor air quality in the home.

They are easy to operate

These windows do not require much effort to open and close. This makes them a good choice for placement areas higher up on the wall. This is why they are commonly found in locations, such as above the sink. They are also very practical for certain rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

They are energy efficient

Awning windows tend to close more securely. As a result, once they’re closed, there’s little chance of drafts. This feature makes them really good for reducing energy costs and keeping the house insulated. Also, the insulated glass tends to ensure prolonged energy efficiency.

Offers protection from weather elements

Another good benefit of awning windows is that they protect your home from being exposed to harsh weather elements. Because of how they’re built, you can open them while it’s raining and not have to worry about the rain getting into the home. This makes them really good for reducing humidity during the wet season.

They offer good security

Many burgling crimes are committed because it’s often easy for criminals to get into the home through the windows. But with awning windows, once you shut the windows, you never have to worry about anyone getting in from the outside. If a criminal intends to get in, they would have to break the window. 

However, because they are usually positioned higher up the wall, it often poses a harder entry point for criminals. So, if you want a window that will provide you with pretty decent peace of mind, this is it.

Complements other windows

Can be combined with other windows in the house to improve the property’s aesthetics and the comfort of the residents. For example, they can be placed right beside big picture windows. This means that residents can enjoy the view of the outdoors while still enjoying some cool fresh air.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Features of Opal Enterprises’ Awning Windows

The windows have really great features that allow homeowners to enjoy their benefits. These include:

  • Multiple locking points – This allows for improved security and deters easy access to your home by criminals
  • Folding handles that can be hidden – Awning windows’ locking mechanisms are designed in such a way that the handles are tucked away or hidden. This adds an extra layer of protection. 
  • Design to deter criminal activities – Unlike other windows, awning windows look like too much hassle for criminals, which is why they’re rarely the point of entry in any break-in attempt
  • Unique finishings – Our awning windows come in different sizes and colors. These are pre-stained or pre-painted to allow for an abundance of options among buyers. Also, these options mean that they can easily complement the color choices in the home. 
  • Access to different glass types – You will get multiple glass options that you can choose from, depending on your preferences. 

For more information about our window features, feel free to get in touch with us. Our Evanston awning window installers are very happy to answer all your questions.

Why Hire Our Awning Window Installers in Evanston, IL?

With the experience of our skilled and knowledgeable window installers in Evanston, your window replacement or installation project will go smoothly. We offer:

  • Multiple window options and customization plans Barcelona home look just as beautiful as you would like
  • Guaranteed product reliability and durability
  • Leading energy-efficient window options that will keep your energy costs low
  • Incredible and unparalleled craftsmanship that ensures excellent window installation on your property

If you want the best window installers in Evanston, we are your best option. Our team comprises of skilled professionals with decades of knowledge and experience.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Signs You Need New Awning Windows

If you were thinking that your windows might need to be replaced but are not sure, here are some proven signs to show that it’s time to replace your old windows with new awning windows: 

  • There’s a draft coming in from your window. So, the spaces that are closest to your window tend to be unusually hot or cold depending on the season.
  • There is condensation on the window
  • The window frame looks rotted, or the paints look like they are peeling
  •  the window locks are not as effective as they once were
  •  There’s outside noise filtering into the house when the windows are closed

Contact Our Evanston Awning Window Installation Team

Installing new awning windows in Evanston requires a lot of expertise and craftsmanship. At Opal Enterprises, our window installation contractors have all the experience and ability to install a wide range of awning window options that we carry.

All our window options are reliable and durable. Our Evanston awning window replacement services also come with a five-year labor warranty. 

Contact us today to request a quote.