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Understanding What Baffles Can Do For Your Home

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roofing-companies-ilIf it seems like your home’s outside walls are hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and that your heating and air system is working overtime, your first inclination is probably to make a call to a local heating and air conditioning company. However, this could be an unnecessary — and pricey — expense! Instead, consider making your first call to Opal. Opal Enterprises’ experts will be able to determine if the problem is something that can be easily fixed by adding baffles to your attic or if you should call that HVAC company.

What Does A Baffle Do?

A baffle is simply a small piece of cardboard, plastic or PVC. They are small, but they can have major effects on your home. Baffles fit between the rafters and underneath the roof’s sheathing near the soffit vents. They keep the insulation from blocking the airflow into the attic. Baffles keep the insulation in place, which helps your home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, baffles will keep the homeowner from having to go up into the attic to reposition or replace insulation that’s blown out of place.   However, that isn’t the only thing that baffles do. They’ll also help prevent moisture from collecting in the decking in the winter, and they will help keep your roof’s shingles cool in the summer by allowing the outside air to enter through the soffit vents, up and over the baffles and then out through the vents at the top of the roof.

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Why Other Roofing Companies Don’t Use Them

There’s one simple reason that other roofing companies don’t use baffles — cost! While they’re not expensive, baffles do add an additional step during an initial installation or roofing replacement. This step also requires roofing contractors to go into the house because the baffles fit inside the attic. If you’re interviewing roofing companies and they don’t mention baffles, consider looking for another business.

Why Your Roofing Contractors Should Include Them

Roofs with soffit vents that don’t include baffles face roofing replacement faster than roofs that don’t include baffles. Air flowing throughout an attic helps keep the shingles in good condition because an attic that’s too hot in the summer months can damage the shingles by compromising the adhesive. In the winter months, baffles help remove moisture from the attic, which helps reduce or eliminate the chance for mold growth.