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Opal Roofing Contractors Weigh In: How To Choose The Best Color Shingle For Your Home

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Downers Grove Roofing Shingle ColorsHomeowners used to have just one or two colors to choose from when it came to selecting a shingle for their home. However, Opal has a number of choices for homeowners, which means they can create a truly one of a kind look for their home. Before you make a decision on which color to use, learn about what options you have from Timberline Lifetime Shingles.

What Shades Are Available?

Brown is an excellent neutral color for shingles. Brown shades from Timberline include warm tones, including Barkwood, Weathered Wood, Shakewood, Mission Brown, Golden Harvest, Adobe Sunset, Cedar Falls and Hickory. These shades range from light to dark and can look great with a number of paint and siding colors. Gray shades from Timberline include Fox Hollow Gray, Birchwood, Williamsburg Slate, Slate, Pewter Gray, Nantucket Gray, Appalachian Sky, Antique Slate and Charcoal. Gray is a beautiful neutral that can work with nearly any color of siding or paint. If you’re looking for something a little different, consider a dark Hunter Green or Patriot Red. These colors are unique and will help make your home stand out.

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What Else To Consider When Choosing Roofing Colors

Make sure that you understand any limitations or restrictions your home may have before you choose a shingle color. Some towns or home owner’s associations may require that you choose from a specific range of colors. The last thing you want to do is have your home reroofed in a certain color, only to find out that it’s not allowed by your town or home owner’s association. Some associations can levy hefty fees until the shingles are changed to the proper color, which could cause major financial problems. It’s clear that knowing whether you have any restrictions can save you a lot of headache and hassle. Additionally, consider your climate when choosing a color. Dark colors will help absorb heat, which can keep your home’s temperature warm in cool climates and help melt snow and ice more quickly. Lighter colors are best for warmer climates because they will reflect the light and help keep your temperatures low.

What To Do If You Just Can’t Decide

If you can’t decide which color looks best with your home, talk to local roofing contractors and ask for their opinions. Many local roofing contractors may be able to provide you with a list of local customers who have recently had new shingles installed, which means you’ll be able to take a first hand look at what your finished roof will look like. An afternoon of driving around looking at homes might just help make your decision easier. Choosing the right shingle color can seem overwhelming! Chances are good that you’ll only need to replace your roof once and today’s shingles could last for decades if they’re installed and maintained properly. In the Chicagoland area and Suburbs, turn to Opal roofing contractors for help in choosing the perfect shade for your house.