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Why you might need to replace your roof this Spring

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Winter does a number on roofs. It’s our biggest time for roof replacement requests. It’s important to take a look at your roof after winter to make sure it can hold up to the Spring rainy season.

How does winter damage roofs?

Ice dams

Ice dams are common in the winter. They cause the snow to become trapped. When the snow begins to melt it’s not able to properly flow off the roof. This can cause damage and result in water entering your home.
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Heavy Loads

In areas with heavy snow and ice, this is a big concern. Snow can be extremely heavy which can result in damage and even cave ins.

When to replace a roof?

Keep an eye out for water staining, loose shingles, and debris. If your roof is on the older side, then you may want to have it professionally inspected to determine it’s integrity. It’s better to replace a roof before it’s an immediate need to avoid internal damage. The general rule of thumb is that average roofs last 20-30 years, but if you have a harsh climate this timing might vary.

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Protecting your roof

  • Remove heavy snow loads
  • Help to prevent ice dams by keeping gutters clear or getting gutter guards.
  • Remove ice dams if they occur. This can be done by melting the ice with calcium chloride ice melt. *Do not use regular rock salt, because it can damage roofs.
  • Invest in high quality roofing designed to withstand wintery weather, such as GAF roofing or metal roofing.
  • Have your roof installed by a certified professional with a good reputation to ensure it’s properly installed.

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