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How An Ice And Water Shield Can Protect Your Home

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Anyone who lives in the Chicago area knows how the winters can be. It’s not uncommon to receive a lot of snow one week and then watch the temperature swing well above freezing the next. Chicago’s wide temperature swings can cause serious problems to area roofs so it’s an excellent idea to use a newer material such as ice and water shield to help create a barrier between your home’s interior and the elements. But what is an ice and water shield?

What Is Ice And Water Shield

An ice and water shield is exactly what you might expect. It’s a barrier that’s installed by roofing contractors to add an extra layer of protection. It’s made out of a special material that’s been rubberized to keep water from seeping underneath the shingles and is used in by roofing contractors instead of traditional roofing felt. It can be more expensive to initially install, but many homeowners find that when they have their roofing company install an ice and water shield, they are less likely to need to worry about expensive roofing repairs or rotted roofing materials.   Have you ever watched the ice melt of your home? It’s unlikely that the ice melts uniformly – oftentimes the ice melts from the top down, causing water to run down the roof. In theory this sounds great, until you factor in the local Chicago climate. Our wide temperate range means that ice doesn’t melt in a day and that water running down a roof will usually refreeze before it falls to the ground. This phenomenon creates what’s known as an ice dam. The ice dam traps water on the roof and if you haven’t used a roofing company to install an ice and water shield, this sitting water could seep down into your home.

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Where Should Roofing Companies Install An Ice And Water Shield

Where an ice and water shield should be installed depends on a number of factors, which is why it’s important to find roofing contractors who you can trust to make a recommendation. In some places, it’s applied to the entire roof, while in others, it’s only important in valleys and eaves and around chimneys and vents. You should have your home evaluated by a number of roofing companies to see what they recommend. When deciding, consider the long term health of your roof because repairs can add up quickly when done by a roofer.

Why Hire Roofing Companies To Install An Ice And Water Shield

It’s important to hire a roofing company to install an ice and water shield instead of trying to complete this project yourself. The ice and water shield material is extremely slippery, which means that your roofing company will take extra care not to walk on it. If you’re having roofing work done in the summer, they’ll also know that it’s easily damaged in warm temperatures.   Roofing contractors know that they’ll need two people to work as a team to unroll the sheeting and prevent ripples and bubbles. The roofing company will also know where to place the seams and how to overlap them to make sure water isn’t able to creep in on the seams.   An ice and water shield can save you a lot of aggravation years down the road.  Whether you’re repairing an older roof or building a new home, contact a roofing company about how to add in an ice and water shield.